Panama Finca Deborah Geisha Diamond " ARCTIC " CM washed

Panama Finca Deborah Geisha Diamond " ARCTIC " CM washed

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 Panama Finca Deborah Geisha  ARCTIC 
 Diamond Washed Carbonic Maceration 

Intense Floral • Pineapple • Peach • Lychee • White Stone fruit 

Sweet •Velvety texture • Balanced • Clean

We are super excited to release our first new Deborah Geisha for this year and we highly recommend you to try this incredible CM washed lot from 
Jamison Savage ..if you are obsessed with its intense floral tone, Sweetness, 
Clarity, Complexity with the beautifulness of Deborah geisha characteristic combined with an innovative processing technique which has been consistently presenting an amazing result in the cup quality. 

Processing Details
* ��Picking of only dark red cherries at 20-22°Brix and separated by sections of the farm
* ��Whole cherries are placed inside sealed tanks filled with CO2 that pushes out 02
* ��Extended anaerobic fermentation time before being removed
* ��Cherries are pulped and undergo a second dry fermentation period to develop deep floral notes
* ��After double fermentation, beans are thoroughly washed then dried on raised beds to maximise clarity in the cup
* ��The Finca Deborah drying room controls temperature, heat, humidity and airflow to ensure cherries have optimal conditions to enhance the best flavours
* ��Drying typically takes 15 days until moisture content is reduced to 10-12%
* ��Beans are stored in parchment until ready for export

Available in 🩵🩵
100g bag / 2,550 baht