Costa Rica Valeria Geisha

Costa Rica Valeria Geisha

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Costa Rica Valeria Geisha

Red Honey

Orange • Apricot • Stone Fruit

Sweet • Silky & Creamy • Floral • Clean

This coffee is from Pie San farm one of the farm which has the highest altitude.

It sits up to 1915 masl in Tarrazu region the most famous coffee growing region in Costa Rica.

The farm owners are Don Luis and Oscar who have been dedicating their passion through all their quality coffee and consistenly controlling all the processes by themself for decade. The name Valeria was named after Don Luis's daughter

which means " Strong, Brave and Healthy " in Spanish.

About Costa Rica Geisha

The Costa Rica Geisha from all four different coffee growing regions are mostly come in a smaller beans and more round shape compared to Panama Geisha and its Density is usually as high as Panamanian ones.

The process in Costa Rica is mainly

Honey Process because the weather condition is dry and cool, which is perfect for producing honey process whether is White honey, yellow, red or black.

This Coffee has a great sweetness

and the flavour tones are going toward

Orange and Apricot ( Stone fruit - Like )

but it also has a Tropical fruit tone that almost like Pineapple while it has a beautiful acidity, Silky and Creamy texture and it leaves a floral tone in the end with a very clean aftertaste. This coffee is very unique unlike other coffees you've tried before.

Available in

200g bag / 950 THB